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    Default Right Ovary Removed Thursday - Tough Morning Today

    Hi All -

    In the never ending "journey" with my wacky reproductive system, I had laparoscopic removal of my right ovary and tube this past Thursday, for what they thought was an ovarian cyst but what turned out to be endometriosis.

    I am on my Metformin for my PCOS but "regular" periods are all over the place, I had 6 months of regular 30 day cycles last year, had a miscarriage in September and then went 84 days without a cycle. I was just at the 28 day mark when I had the surgery last week. It seems like I did get my period the day following the surgery (Friday). I called the on call doctor just to ask "how do I know this is a period and not bleeding after the surgery?". She basically said that it was probably my period and just to watch it if it got very heavy.

    Today, Sunday, I do have heavier bleeding but it does feel like heavy period bleeding. When I get cycles, they are usually on the lighter side so I am not used to a heavy period but I think it does still feel like a period.

    Ugh. I don't know. Just don't know how to really tell if something is wrong or if this is all normal and feeling a little post-op blues today on top of it, very weepy. I have also made the mistake of reading way too many other message boards on this until finally coming here - all I saw were horrible experiences people had.

    Anything you can share will help. Just having a tough morning, wondering if I am in fact healing OK and trying to imagine a day when I am actually somewhat normal.

    Thanks all.
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    I haven't been there, but I know others have and I'm hoping the bump gets you some better responses. My thoughts are with you.
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    I had a LAP 2.5 weeks ago to remove a large cyst on my left ovary. I started a "period" 2 days later (which lasted for 5 days) and just got my period AGAIN! Dr said the first one wasn't an actual period - body was just tricked into having one because of the sudden drop in hormones after the removal. Could be your case as well. As far as the emotions - I was all over the place as well. Crying and not really understanding what I was crying about, etc. I still feel the same, but it seems that things are starting to get on a more even level as far as my hormones are concerned.


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