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Thread: Menopur Anyone?

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    Default Menopur Anyone?

    Hello ladies,
    This next cycle I will be taking clomid cd3-7 ans also adding menopur (also using an HCG Trigger for the 1st time). My lining does not like clomid so I have to take Estradiol, and my RE belives that's what made my 2 follies stop growing with my last clomid cycle.

    Have any of you had any luck with Menopur? What was your dosage? How much did you have to pay for it?
    My RE uses MDR Pharmacy and it will cost me about $400! All of my meds and appts, blood tests, and ultrasounds are out of pocket and If there is somewhere else you ladies have getten it cheaper?

    Sometimes I just get really down about this whole proccess. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that with all these appts, tests, and meds it can cost more than my rent! There are times that I wonder if God has other plans for my and as wonderful of a mother I would be that maybe I'm not ment to be a mother. I feel I do so much for others and I have even raised my younger sister and neice that it should be my turn. But I'm beginging to lose hope. I belive this will be our 1st and only combo cycle because we simply don't have the money to continue. I'm sorry that this has turned into a little pitty party for myself, I have just been feeling down the last week or so. So some good out comes using Menopur would be a great thing to hear right now!

    Thank You Ladies
    Me: Allison 27 DH: Super Sperm! 26 TTC baby #1 for 9 years
    Dignosed PCOS 2011(can't take Metformin)
    2012~September Laporoscopy to remove Endometriosis/ tubes were clear! YAY
    Novermber- Clomid 50mg.14 1/2mm and 13mm, Esrtadiol, P4.5
    Feb- Femara 5mg. No Response.
    March- Clomid 50mg, Menopur, Estradiol. Triggered a 28mm follie and 7mm lining. BFN
    April- Femara 5mg and Dexamethosone. No Response
    2014~Feb- Femara 7.5mg, 2mg Dexamothasone, Triggered 21mm follie and 6mm lining. Progesterone. BFN

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    Sorry I am on Gonal f with IUI


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