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    I second the stuff PP have said. Extended release has helped me, and so has taking it while eating, a little before and then finishing, probiotics and time. I still had diarrhea occasionally, but I was able to stabilize it. I could take a pill at breakfast, but not at lunch (I think I may not have been eating enough to not make me sick on it), dinner and then a snack before bed. I also couldn't take it if I had even a little tummy issue from anything else (IBS-D) because it would make it worse. I know some people can't tolerate it at all and others take longer to be able to tolerate it. GL!
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    Met and I never really got along. I took 500mg, and felt like rubbish (nauseous and diarrhea) everyday. I increased to 1000mg, same reaction. At 2000mg (2 tablets in the morning, 2 tablets in the evening), I was vomiting. TMI, sorry! I ended up in the emergency room for dehydration. I was soooo determined to take the full dose, because my doc was convinced it would work, so even though I felt like death, I took it.

    Now I noticed that avoiding sweet foods helps. Taking it in the middle of a meal helps. Low carbs helps. Here's my problem with these things. Firstly, all I can swallow the pills with is juice. When the tablet goes into my mouth, if I try to swallow with water, I end up gagging (possibly a mind thing, but it happens anyway). Secondly, when I take the tablets, for some reason, I have a serious dislike for protein. Just smelling meat makes me feel ill. Poor DH has had to resort to eating dinner on our porch because I cannot smell the meat. So I end up eating more carbs than anything.

    Its why I took a break from it, because nothing was working. The emergency room was the cherry on the cake for DH. He was panicked that I was harming myself more than anything with the Met. The doc wants me to start back, but just thinking about swallowing one of those tablets has my gag reflex working overtime right now.
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    I got very sick from it I couldn't stop throwing up so my doctor told me to quit taking it I am going give it a try again soon hoping it will help me good luck

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    I've been on it for a week and just bumped my dosage to 1000mg on day 5. (500 twice a day)
    What really helped for me was taking one pill at night right before bed with just a bit of food and two ginger pills. This way I was asleep for when the majority of the upset stomach symptoms would occur. I now take 500mg in the morning as well. I find constantly eating (every 3 hours) small meals really helps me. I don't have an appetite because I'm super nauseous but I force myself to eat this often because it does make me feel better after. I also eat really healthy (low carb, low sugar, high protein, high fibre). We're in this together - good luck!

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    I find that the symptoms are much less with Metformin ER than regular Metformin. I am currently on 1000 mg of Met ER and I take 500 mg in the morning and 500 mg before bed. The symptoms never fully stop for me (this is my 3rd time on Met), but they definitely lessen if you find the right dosage (I got ridiculously sick with 1500 mg daily, and seem to tolerate 1000 mg much better). As Justine mentioned, there are certain foods that provoke a much bigger reaction - I've cut most carbs and sugars and this has helped a great deal. Given how awful I feel on Metformin I was surprised by what a huge difference working out makes; getting exercise regularly helps control blood sugar, gives you more energy, and increases metabolism. For me, at least, it really helped.
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