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    Default Licorice Root - DHEAS- Hair Loss

    I just got some labs back from the Doc. I have low normal testoterone but elevated DHEAS. I bet that is why my hair is so thin! My testosterone used to be elevated (tested years ago), but i am doing a lot to lower testosterone - DCI, NAC, spearmint tea, green tea extract, inositol- and now I will be adding licorice root to lower the DHEAS. I am really hopeful that this is the remaining piece to get my hair back!

    Does anyone have licorice root experiences to share?

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    I actually have the same problem--high DHEA but normal testosterone! I used to take licorice/peony for hirsutism and it worked like a charm but you can't do that for very long before your adrenals crap out. I was on a high dose! Now I am trying withania complex and it turns out I'm ALLERGIC! Ugh!
    29 years old: adrenal fatigue and estrogen dominance which mimics PCOS
    SX: obesity (40lbs down, 40lbs to go), hirsutism, acne, upper-body fat
    DX MTHFR/COMT/VDR genetic mutations, histadelia, pyroluria
    No insurance.
    Current supps: cyanocobalamin (B12), vitamin D, inositol, DIM, progesterone cream, phosphitydal choline, dandelion root, nettle, BioSil, biotin, vitamin C, 5-htp, zinc, multi-minerals, iodine


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