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    Default Normal FSH level

    I ordered all test results copies from my doc's office and i check that my FSH level at Day 3 is 7.3 My doc told me that it is normal.

    I read that anything over 10 is not good. It seems like i am approaching soon.. What is the normal value for 28 year old?
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    Just found this online. Seems like 7 is "normal". But the article also says that FSH by itself is not a good indicator of egg reserve or quality. When I did my last FSH on CD 3, it was 6.3. My doc thought that was normal. So I wasn't too concerned. I was more concerned about my ratio of LH to FSH. It was 1.5:1.
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    I agree that FSH alone doesn't tell you alllll that much. But as for your level, it seems like you're fine. I also like this site:

    It has a pretty comprehensive description of normal hormone levels and what they mean. According to that site, under 6 is excellent and 6-9 is good, so I think you're solidly in the "good" camp, and even closer to excellent than to fair!!
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    I agree you need more than FSH, you need E2 and LH with it. There are more, but you need to find out if your ovaries are "quiet". your re may also request prolactin and some others as well. My RE says anything below 8.2 goes in his "excellent" category and 8.3-10 is on his " good" category.
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