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    Default what herb is similar to clomid?

    Does anyone know what herb is similar to clomid? When do you take it?
    glucophage for 5 months, miscarriage November 2001 after discontinuing glucophage *our Angel*

    November 2002 glucophage and added clomid
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    Licorice root. Take as many as the bottle says on the days that you would take clomid.


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    When I took the licorice root, my blood pressure went way up and I started having major chest pains. I took it for 4 days before I made the correlation between the pain and the licorice root. I was also taking it with Black Cohosh, Saw Palmetto, Vitex and chromium. I don't know if it was an ineraction with any of them or if the Licorice was the sole cause of the pains.

    Good luck to you!

    ttc #1 since 1994
    diagnosed with PCOS 11/01
    trying herbs and (IR)diet first

    Currently on: Vitex, chromium pic, vitamin b-6, women's multi-vitamin...and also using licorice root and progesterone cream.

    See my chart:

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    I have never heard of licorice being used as an "herbal clomid". Clomid works by fooling your body into ovulating. Licorice supports your adrenal glands, and has other beneficial functions, but also has the well-known side effect of raising blood pressure, so should be avoided by anyone with blood pressure issues - I have never heard of it being used to emulate clomid, which unless I am really way off base has a completely different action on the body. I don't think there is any herbal equivalent for clomid. If I'm wrong here, someone please correct me with some references.

    There are lots of herbs and supplements you can take to regulate your cycles and ovulate, but none of them are quick fixes, and nothing works the same for everyone (*including* clomid!), so you may have to experiment to find what's right for you.

    I use licorice, but in fairly low doses. I also tend toward low blood pressure, so I'm not worried by that "side effect" for me. But I'm not taking it thinking it alone would make me ovulate, and I if I had any blood pressure issues I'd avoid it.
    - Erin
    38 yo, diagnosed at 23
    5 yrs bcp
    3 yrs infertility treatments, clomid, IUI, IVFs
    mom to twin girls from IVF
    and one all-natural baby!
    after 9 mos. of Vitex, lo-carb diet, GTF chromium, inositol

    Now doing lo-carb diet, buckwheat farinetta (for DCI), and when I remember to, vitex, gtf chromium, NAC, l-carntitine. And yes, it's working.


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