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    Default Low GI Foods and Weight Watchers

    Hi guys!

    Because of PCOS and being 35 kilos overweight, I've started eating foods with a lower GI value.
    In the past I have had most luck losing weight with Weight Watchers. I want to combine the two eating plans. It can be done, but it requires alot of pre-planning.
    If anyone is doing something similar diet wise, I would love to hear of any hints/tips/recipes you have on combining the two.


    PS. I'm not attending WW, just using my old WW booklets.

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    Hi Mez,

    There are some of us who are incorporating the IR diet (which utilizes the glycemic index) with WW, and others who are incorporating the South Beach diet (based on the GI) with WW, and others who are generally low carbing with WW. WW is flexible enough to do this, and it does seem to help many of us to be careful with how many and what type of carbs we eat while following it. Please look over the threads in the last couple of weeks especially here in the diet and exercise forum. Here's a thread you may find helpful:

    Good luck and welcome!

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    Hello Mez

    I am trying to "watch my carbs" within a calorie counted diet - which is much the same thing - portion control just calories instead of points.

    I don't eat anything "white" unless it is an occasional treat; I have calorie counted for so long that I automatically know the calorie of everything. There is very little foods that I don't know the calories of, lol, and if you do WW for a while you will find the same. You will look at a food and just know how many points is in it. I never understand why people have strong reactions against calorie counting yet find WW acceptable. To me it is much the same thing! (obviously very low calorie diets excepted)

    So it is just a case of "swapping" some foods for others but not going over your points. I tend not to eat carbs at breakfast and lunch too much but include lots of salads and veggies. then if I want some with dinner I have them. That sort of makes me a calorie counting/carb watching/CAD follower???? I suppose I'm an eclectic; taking the bits of the diet plans which I can follow! lol! I can't do the six meals a day thing though; I work a lot on the phone and snacking doesn't fit in with the job; but eating low carb at lunchtime definately helps with my energy levels in the afternoons.

    If you base your foods around protein and veggies/salad and then add some wholegrains to make up your points you can't go far wrong. Fruit I tend to use as a treat because it doesn't agree with me but everybody's body is different.

    I would suggest starting moderately. Switch to "whole" products instead of "white" ones; cut out the sugar and just have the occasional treat. If you're weight loss doesn't happen then tweak it. If you keep a food diary you will soon learn which foods agree with you and which don't.

    When you're starting off it can be helpful if you do plan your daily meals so that you can make sure you don't accidentally go over your points or end up with nothing much for dinner. I have some A5 cards each has a daily "food count" on them and if I don't have much time I just follow one of those. sometimes the less you have to think about your diet the easier it is to stick to.

    Anything that forces you to think about food all day also forces you to think about the food you don't want to be eating, lol

    Okay, sorry for the babbling, I have gone on a little.

    Good luck with your plan. Have a look at what others eat around here and just incorporate it into your "points". Lean chicken, turkey, fish, steaks with lots of veggies; wholegrain rice; low GI fruits; salmon; olive oil; salads; if you make those your staples you won't go wrong.
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