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    Default Interesting "PCOS & Chinese Med' post on PCOS Usenet...

    kat note: I read the 'below' post on the Usenet group and thought I'd repost it here...Homework assignment: Someone Find Dr Wong!!!


    I haven't posted on this forum for a long time since I have been really
    busy for the past year, but I want to speak out about the new treatment I am
    trying. (Long post ahead!)
    Let me start from the beginning...I am 19, and was diagnosed with PCOS
    when i was 13. Ever since then all the doctors in the US have given me
    several different kinds of BCPs, promising that they would get rid of the
    symptoms. I must have tried at least 10 different kinds and although I got
    my period every month, I also had awful side effects (headaches, depression,
    etc.) and the rest of my symptoms remained.
    When I was 17, I finally convinced my endocrinologist to put me on
    metformin. After 5 months, I was happy with it, because I was getting my
    periods and I had lost 15 lbs. Unfortunately, after 4 more months the
    metformin just didn't work anymore, I gained the weight back and suddenly my
    periods became irregular again. So then I was left without much hope, as I
    had tried everything I knew about for PCOS. I was severely depressed over
    the past year, I had pretty much given up on any ideas of feeling better.
    Then my dad told me of a Chinese herbalist in Hong Kong named Dr. Peter
    Wong. This doctor has cured several patients of cancer and diabetes, and my
    dad knows him because he cured one of my uncles in Hong Kong of a brain
    tumor. He does everything using herbs, it amazes me.
    Since I was going on a trip with my Dad to see my family in Hong Kong,
    he told me that he would take me to see Dr. Wong. At first it was very hard
    for me to explain to my dad about it, because I just kept thinking "there is
    no way I can tell this to a man!!!" Up till now he really didn't know much
    about what I was going through. But I knew if I didn't sieze the
    opportunity to see this doctor I would regret it, so I just told him about
    it. He understood, and called Dr. Wong to make an appointment.
    I went to see Dr. Wong for the first time on the second day of my trip.
    He works very differently from US doctors. The first thing I did was tell
    him my symptoms. Then he puts his hand on both of my wrists, one at a time,
    as if checking for my pulse. But, my dad explained that he is not listening
    for a pulse, he is actually trying to discern how "chi" or "energy" is
    flowing through the different parts of my body. He also asked to look at my
    tongue. I didn't have to go through any embarassing physical examination or
    ultrasounds; I was both thrilled and shocked! I really don't understand it
    yet, but this tradition goes back for years in Chinese medicine, and he is
    one of many doctors that use these techniques.
    Since the Dr. doesn't know much english, I was lucky to go see him with
    my dad who could translate between us. He knew exactly what the problem
    was, and better yet, knows how to fix it. He said that the reason my
    hormones are unbalanced is because my pancreas doesn't work like it should.
    He says what he needs to do is "rebuild" my pancreas so I will have one that
    works like a normal person. Finally, I feel like I am getting to the root
    of this problem!
    He prescribed me a powder mixture of herbs that I mix with some water
    and drink 3 times a day, shortly before I eat. It tastes awful, but it's
    been two weeks and I'm used to it now, and can drink, it quickly. My acne
    is clearing up already, and my skin is becoming smoother--even my dad said
    something about it and he doesn't even notice if i dye my hair! He said I
    should expect to lose some weight too, but if I want to lose a lot then I
    will have to do that on my own. By 3 months of treatment, my periods should
    regulate and the excess hair should start becoming less noticeable.
    My aunt in Hong Kong told me that her friend's daughter had severe PCOS
    and was cured by Dr. Wong in 6 monthes. Her symptoms were very severe and
    now she has none!
    Dr. Wong says I should be cured of PCOS in about 6 months. I am back
    home now in the US, but over my Christmas break from school my Dad is going
    to take me to see him for a check up. Until then I tell my dad how I am
    doing on the medicine and he tells Dr. Wong over the phone and vice versa.
    The medicine is not cheap...about $15 a day actually....but, my Dad has seen
    the results from his treatment, and believes that I really will be cured in
    six months. Well, sorry for the long story but I feel I have to tell it. I
    could very well just keep the treatment to myself and act like I magically
    got better, but I think that sharing this knowledge will benefit other with
    PCOS...even if they can't see an herbalist, the more people know, the better
    the chance for women to get treated properly. I will post the future
    results of my treatment as well.

    Thanks for listening,
    Lindsey Cormier

    Source of the message:

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    Default Chinese meds

    This is Dr. Wong's address:

    Peter S. L. Wong
    Flat 917-918, Bell House,
    525-543 Nathan Rd.,
    Yaumatei, Kln., H.k.

    Telephone: 2385 0057

    Calling will be no use as he does not prescribe or diagnose over the phone - you will have to go to Hong Kong and see him in person.

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    Default Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

    I love to read success stories about TCM, they make me very happy with my choice of treatment.
    I have been visiting a TCM doctor since last September. He told me that he had good statistics in treating PCOS related infertility. After a few months of acupuncture and herbs (he played around with my herbs for a while, until he came up with the blend that works for me). I told myself I would give this course of treatment 6 months, and if I didn't see results I would go see a conventional specialist.
    At the end of 6 months of frustration and impatience, I ovulated for the 1st time. And have been ovulating monthly since.
    We have still gone to see a conventional doctor because of male infertility issues. But, since the specialist put us on a 3 month break (for tests etc.), DH went to see the TCM and was also perscribed herbs. I'll keep you posted on the affect for DH.
    The point of this whole story is that it is not really necessary to go to Hong Kong to get treated by Dr. Wong (though I'm sure he's great). You can also look for a qualified TCM in your area that you trust and feel comfortable with. We can even start a TCM doctor review thread.
    Note: This type of treatment is not cheap, nor does it give instant results.
    Oshrat 32
    DX 09/01
    Got symptoms under control with no meds.

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    Its nice to see someone else on TCM too. Was feeling a bit lonely!I've also been to see one that does acupuncture and pulse reading. He took my pulse and told me that my one ovary was larger than the other. I've always managed to conceive within 6 months when actively trying on TCM. As you said they're not cheap. I probably should take them even when I'm not TTC. But while I seem to conceive without much difficulty, I have difficulty sustaining my pregnancies. So I am now on metformin as well.

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