From Women's World Magazine 6/25/02 issue:


You probably think that using a walking stick would reduce your calorie-burning poswer. Surprise! a new study form the university of Wisconsin at LaCrosse found that when people use trendy European walking poles, the butn 22% more calories. That means that if you'd normally burn 350 calories while walking, yu can increase the burn to 450 just by using the poles - no need to go faster, says Lawrence Terry PH.D, one of the lead researchers. By using the poles you engage 50% more muscle than you would during any other walking workout - so you not only burn more calories, you get super-toned as you go.

Another big bonus: using the poes makes your calorie-blasting, muscle firming walk feel less strenuous tan an ordinary walk. "The poles support some of your body weight, so the movement seems more effortless," says Terry. "And impact to the hips and knees is reduced by about 25%."

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