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    Question kidney stones, or ovarian pain?

    I've asked doctors for years about me having PCOS. Finally a year ago a doctor listened to me...ran all the tests, and I got my diagnosis. I was put on metformin 500mg twice a day. My periods come about every 2 months now. Prior to my diagnosis, I had gone a complete year without one.
    Hear I am a year later, in the most terrible pain of my life! I tolerate pain well, and when I asked my husband to take me to the ER he was shocked.
    I told the doctor that I have a back pain and groin pain all on my left signs. All the signs are showing that I will start my period in about 10 days....I have pcos and I think you should take that into concideration.

    His immediate diagnosis was kidney stones, and he sent me in for a cat scan. NO stones show up. I have been told to drink a gallon of water a day, and was sent home with pain pills.
    I once again asked if there is any possibility of an ovarian cysts causing a problem due to my pcos. He said "not likely".... no examination. I was told to report to my regular doctor in 3 days.
    My 3 day appointment, I still have the same problem, no stones have passed. (Keep in mind, my husband is in the military, and I can only see a family doctor....the one who diagnosed me has left....this is the first time I have seen the new doctor.)

    Has anyone else experienced such pain prior to a period???....(I generally NEVER have cramps). I have told my husband that if this pain subsides with the starting of my period, I will be really ticked off at the doctor for not listening to me.
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    I have always had alot of pain before I would start. But lately I started noticing a pattern of other pain in my lower back as well. It gets really bad. The last time it was day 21 and 22 or so and I started my period on day 44 and had some pain again. I changed docs and had asked her about it and then had my yearly physical. We talked about it and she ordered an ultrasound. I just had my first ultrasound to see what my ovaries look like on Monday and am waiting to hear from my doc about the results. I would highly suggest insisting on having an ultrasound done to have your ovaries checked. Tell your doc you are in MUCH pain and you really need to know whats going on.
    Good luck.
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    Default oh my gawd!!!

    i know exactly what you mean. i have had the exact same thing about a week ago. went to the docs. "oh it could be your ovaries i guess, but it could be your kidneys". you would think they would know what they are talking about. my pain was right down my right hand side. docs, what the hell are they getting paid for???

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    I had the same problems. I have been having sharp pain on my right side and back pain. I had even felt nausated. I was sent to have an ultrasound done and it hurt really bad. I had cryed the whole time because it hurt so bad to push on the area. The drs. didn't see anything wrong but sent me to see a general surgen. He wanted me to go have a nuclear Medicine Hepatobiliary exam. Thats where I had to lay on a table for an hour and 20 mins. I was hooked up to a IV and I had this like x-ray machine over me that kept taking pics of my gallbladder. After an hour they inject cck into the iv and I got really nausated and thought I was going to throw up and then I got really bad cramping pain in my lower stomach but not the same pain that I was having. Then after that test they sedated me and did a gastroscopy. Thats where they stuck this big scope thing down my throat and into my stomach to look for ulcers. I didn't have anything wrong with my gallbladder and I didn't have any ulcers. I don't go see the general surgeron again until july wed. 10th. I had the tests done on June 28th. I still had the pains so I went to see my family dr. and he took me off zocor because he thought that was doing it. I have been off that for a week and hadn't had pains that bad. I had blood work done and my liver enzymes are up but my family dr. says thats probably from my metformin. So I'm not sure whats going on. I don't think any of my 3 drs. know whats going on either. I just know i'm tired of the pain.

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    Hiya. I get pain in my lower back as well. Sometimes it hurts right in the middle of my pelvis ,so i get pain front and back at the same time. My friend was taken into a&e for bad pain and docs said she had kidney stone but it showed up that wasnt the case. She always gets her pain round about ovulation. I think she may have pcos, but she is in denial!
    Best wishes
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